Wednesday, March 02, 2011


As I am returning back from office today after putting in 10 hours on a holiday, am thinking about the sms conversation with the friend who was going to join me in office..
It went as follows:
I have started, will reach in another 45 mins to one hour.
'On my way. Will take 35 mins more to reach,
'So you will be the first one to reach :)'
'Sometimes i too manage to be first :)'
'Everyone cant be first. :) happy you are getting the chance.'
'Dont you think coming first to work on a holidayis not an achievement to be happy about'
'Coming to work is not a happy thing. Coming first is.
now that you know you will be first would you slow down? if yes, its not a happy thing, if no, its not.'
'not all journey are happy. But as said by someone ..-its the need of the hour and go an extra mile..'
'Dont quote someone, being content with the miles travelled is also a virtue. Also, the journey is always happy, the destination may not be..'

After this, his battery died, and the conversation stopped. Knowing his experience, am I way too optimistic or positive about life? Not that I have been overburdened by work always like he has been, but I do try lifting up spirits of people around me.. Not sure if this helped, but we had a pretty successful day..

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