Sunday, March 20, 2011

Looking for a car

Yess.. Looking for a brand new car now ..
I would love some small SUV like the Toyota Rav4 ( I had driven it in US ) but similar cars arent available in India in my budget. We either have large SUVs like Sumo, Scorpio.
So what do I want in the vehicle? We want that for travelling to our farm mostly, carry stuff to and fro, run on the mud roads near our farm and on the highways too!
On other days it should be able to carry 5-6 of us around..
Over and above, my father should be able to drive it as well. I know I can drive all cars..

Hope to get a decent one very soon.. Currently looking at something like Venture or Eeco.. Lets see..
Any suggestions ??

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N said...

I'd suggest an Innova or a Xylo.. Both havea ample room and good road clearance. Xylo would be pegged at being the tougher one, although Innova feels more sophisticated.