Thursday, January 26, 2012

Local talk

These days I travel to and fro office by train. So after a long break am enjoying the daily local talk..
Every morning as I take the same train, I find the regulars smiling at me as opposed to the initial frown :) Not exactly am engaging in conversations, it still is fun to listen, right now, two females are chatting up on multiple recipes..both seem to be software engineers, and juggling time between office and home..but I guess this time is giving them the well needed break... I know how much that is sooo required!!
Then there is another lady who gets down with me, doesnt really talk much but smiles at me when we meet in the morning waiting for the train..we talk a bit as we gear up to get down..
When you see the same faces daily, you start smiling and a bond is formed.. I havent really traveled in Mumbai Local that regularly as I do now.. But I love it anyways..  


GR said...

Aren't you traveling by the company bus ? Yes, train travel is fun when you get to observe more than interacting. :) Have fun....

dep said...

dats nice to know dat u love traveling by train..else people who actually hav been travelling daily arent fond of it really!