Sunday, January 01, 2012

An year that was

I remember the year had started with no chutti to MBA classes and an impromptu trip with my mother's school teachers..first working day and I had bunked office :-D..
Over the year, I really dint have many vacations except the one that my parents took me to Anjarle..but surely finished up lot of much so that my Boss has an allergy to my leave plans :)
The overall year so study and exams and assignments too. When the final paper was done on 18 Dec I felt such a heavy relief..Although it was a part time course the pressure has been quite something. And what have I gained? Additon to my EQ and some amount of Management jargon :) one thing I learnt this year is that nothing can compensate experience! No management theories tell us what is the right decision to can only analyse after a decision has been taken. It gave me quite some good friends and a lot of intellectually stimulating discussions too which I will miss now :(

Our car was another event..being a newly launched model, Tata Venture was just fit for our farm needs.. It first was terrifying due to hugeness yet once it started running it has been a pleasure.. It took a 2 months leave from us and got a heart transplant..sorry engine transplant, still I got to have my dream drive on it ..and this year!!

The important and the best thing that happened in our family was my brother and sis-in-law declaring that we would have a bundle of joy by end of the year!!! The 9 months have been soo exciting and when the wait was over, the little one has been a real treasure.. Our little Princess - will call her Chinu - is so little so cute so lovely so nice.. So much so that she will fill all the years to come..

Happy New Year!!


Abhijit said...

Zakas :)

GR said...

So winding up the year 2011 with great achievements and events must have been a milestone ! Wishing you many more years of happiness... :)