Saturday, December 08, 2012

What a day!!

Waking up not so early .. getting ready and get out to the Ferry wharf not too far.. go on a Ferry trip to the Sydney City in a beautiful weather..Clear skies, cool breeze and a camera :)
Now at the end of day it seems like did I really do it? I am such a lazy person..waking up before 9 on Saturday Sunday without any predefined plan is definitely not me.. But I did it today..
The Ferry wharf isnt too far just a 4-5 mins walk.. Got the tickets and got on to the Wharf of Baramada (in Aboriginal Language) The weather helped out.. although its sunny its not hot.. Its breezy and not too windy..
not many thoughts on mind, Just clicking away whatever you feel nice is also a good experience..


Some shots have been good.. some havent.. Nevertheless, it has given me a confidence I can roam around alone :)
After reaching the Circular Quay and watching the Opera house from outside, since it was already 12:30 ( and I was supposed to meet a few people at 4) I planned to have lunch and then come back.. 

Found a little open air cafe and enjoyed lunch in nice cool breeze at the roadside. Alone obviously..but now I am pretty comfy with dining alone :)
Started back on Train as I had to get tea for the party coming in and probably a cap or a hat. The trains had trackwork on..just like the Mega blocks back home (yes they happen here too on weekends :))  So had to get down halfway and get on to a bus. Then reaching Parramatta and I got a bit confused which direction to go !! After a few steps in the wrong direction, found the right one..Not only that found  a nice hat too.. 
although dint get the cost left it back in search of the original thing.. After another round of roaming around, getting things till the time I was back, the 4 o'clock meeting was canceled and probably the Christmas trip plan too. When I saw the hat back and on sale at a good price, I bought it.
When I reached home, I was tired and just wanted to lie down.. and thats what I was doing when I thought of writing down... 

So with aching legs, I write - because if I dont.. I never will do that and while you watch Harry Potter film  the last one, you always can :)

Its been a nice day although you cannot be really happy if the people you love are not so..But then every good thing needs to have a 'nazar na lage'  I hope the evening is as nice as I want it ...


GR said...

It's always nice to have some quiet time. And what best way to do it other than exploring lands... Hope you had a refreshing day... :)

Varsha Naik said...

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