Saturday, December 15, 2012


Thats what I feel I am undergoing.. I wasnt such a loner. Being so happy about staying alone.. I dreaded it. Used to cling to friends - even if I did not like them.
Now, am ok if people dont accept me around. I am ok roaming around alone. If people do come along they are welcome.. If they are happy staying away,I am happy with that too. To some extent.. I mean I do sometimes feel am I doing something wrong to see people refuse to be with me but I think thats hormonal :) (What a nice excuse)

So I have dined alone.. Went on a trip alone. And today when I was roaming in the mall, I actually thought of   going to watch a movie alone !! No thats not so good..I am not such a movie buff although allI watch on the TV entire day is CSI, Law and order like series or Movies.

And what I do while the TV is on is amazing.. I cook ! My mother would faint.. People who have suffered through my cooking disasters would be really ask - Do we know this person?
Not only regular Chapati Bhaji , but also parathas, pasta and today - height of all - A chocolate cake ! and fortunately these experiments are turning out good too. So far so good.
I hope this post doesnt jinx any of the fun I am having.. I am ok if it jinxes the loneliness that comes over sometimes..
Thank God for some really great friends who are always around Online or a phone call away help in those bouts..

(Ok I know my writing skills needs some polish, its got rusty and the posts are really not so good..But I will get to it.. soon..)


Guljinder Singh said...

I am sure sometime in future, when u r not alone, u will revisit this post (and my comment), and will cherish this time.

Varsha Naik said...

Being alone isn't as bad as we imagine it. I agree, you will cherish this time and fun.

Happy cooking....

Aparna Pai said...

Thank you..

Himali said...

I read this and first thought was - so I am not really a nut after all. I have done all of this alone including going to movies and without any shame or fear of being an outcast, i can say I love It!

My worst fear however is not that I may have to remain like this forever. It is actually that i would love doing things alone so much and so that i would start despising company, like minded or otherwise.

Going on trips alone have changed my perspective completely about travelling. Now I do what i want and not what is suitable or convenient to the group and that includes lot of wacky things that 'normal' folks wont want to do but hey I get to travel and explore and not just being driven around to 'touch and go' all 'popular' places.

so enjoy this freedom while you have it :)