Monday, March 18, 2013


Have we grown so cynic that we doubt when someone does a good thing to you?

Have things been so worse that if someone does a favour we doubt what does this person want from me?

Have we become so competitive that - if someone tells you how sad they are, you tell your story and that should be much more sad than the other person's ?

The Grass is always greener on other side.. Someone else's Life is always better than ours.. and our life is always more complicated than anyone else..

Is Contentment out of fashion ?


Himali said...

Yes contentment is out of fashion, thanks to our ever expanding demands and the constant barrage of social media telling us what or rather how perfect life 'should' be. a 6 figure salary, 5 figure car, 4 figure home blah blah. The list never ends.. :)

and for the cynicism, I think its a reflection of how you personally live.
If you do something for others without expecting anything in return or do a favor to someone cause your heart is in the right place, you would not cast a doubt on other people's intentions of helping you.
but there is catch. Not everyone is like you. They might have a motive after all and when you realize that, it hurts you and the cynicism grows..

You just stole thoughts out of my mind.. :) Keep blogging!

GR said...

True, it is. Due to changing times, perspectives have changed and so has contentment.

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