Friday, May 07, 2010

Is it just me?

Sometimes, do we all feel like bound by obligations that we cannot break or is it just me ?

Sometimes, we are compelled to take a decision professionally but emotionally its difficult conveying to the concerned person. Or is it just me facing this situation?

There is this colleague of mine, who has seen me over last 3 years. I have changed drastically in my behaviour over these years. I had a very hot temper and I used get frustrated angry with people who would not understand my view. Time and a lot of efforts has taught me to calm down and react after thinking. But for this colleague of mine, I guess she always has my old image in her mind when she speaks to me and so the conversation sometimes goes a little awry.. To avoid friction, I minimize interaction with her. I guess I am doing wrong by keeping the interaction to minimum, I am not giving a chance to her to adjust her perspectives.. But yet I feel, Does that happen to everyone or just me ?

I am not wondering why does that happen only to me .. But just wondering if I am normal or I just think too much about everything.. I guess as per my quote earlier, these things must also have a reason.. Need to brood over it to find out.


Life 24*7 said...

Well avoiding is a good strategy, but it is the easier option. It is more like you are swinging between aggressive-passive modes of communication. Being assertive would be best. But all said and done, the constant battle that we face in human interaction, is the battle of perception. Let the person perceive you as they want to, be yourself (new /old whichever), and then just leave it to them to adapt to the new you. And if that person isnt really important enough, then you may not want to battle this out at all.

Hem said...

Drawing an analogy to some of my fears, I try to do it more and more to overcome it. Unless I covince myself that it's stupidity, I ignore. I think it's the latter scenarios in your case, I guess I know who you are talking about?

Aparna Pai said...

@Hem, as it is a Colleague, you obviously know..
Its an year old thing. Lot has changed in me and probably in perceptions as well. I even got a parting gift from the same person when she left the organization :)