Monday, May 24, 2010

Teacher and Ex

Some words never go together.. Like teacher and Ex.. have you ever heard someone , even yourself saying "I met my ex-Teacher today"? No ways.. Teachers never go Ex. It doesnt sound at all good.
This came up when I was talking about my Classical dance teacher. I left it aorund 15 years ago. But when I said, my ex-teacher has performed in a live programme, I did not like the word myself..
And then all teachers started crowding my memories..

I still remember sitting near my Jr KG teacher's chair. After completing whatever she had asked us to, I was caught doing a mischief :P. I dont remember her name though.

Then there was our Gracy Teacher for Sr. KG. She was such a sweetheart. I dont remember what she taught us, but I do remember the pleasant way she used to talk to us. Even if she always talked in English and I was too young, I knew I understood everything. On the day I forgot to take my Schoolbag, she had hugged me and quietened my tears. On the day I wore a Uniform Shirt-pant like boys, she had told me very sweetly that if you are a girl you should wear Pinafore and that it looks good on me. She passed away last month. I last met her some 3-4 years back and I feel there should have been another chance.. She was one teacher I remember who was never in any controversies, never heard any complaint or cross word about her. She remembered every student's name whichever class you are in. Gracy Teacher- May you rest in peace and I will never forget you.

Then there was my Marathi teacher who has been mentioned here.

Then Vrinda teacher, Beola Teacher, Pereira Teacher, Naik Teacher .. thats till standard 4th when we had only 1 teacher for all subjects.

From 5th-7th, teachers changed subject-wise. Vasantha teacher, Meenal teacher, Jyoti Teacher, Padmaja Teacher..

The in Final years of school, we had Sekar teacher, Bhalerao Teacher, Jignasa Teacher and the unforgettables Bhat Teacher & Bhat Sir.

Teachers after this stage were more professionals and less personally involved.

But I should mention, our Hostel Warden ARP sir, who loved us but always scolded us for lot of disciplinary goof-ups :P. Also Our IT Dept. Head and our Local Guardian in college - Prof R C Thool and his wife Thool Madam.. He is a gem of a person and always provided us with every facility and kept us free from the College Bureaucracy red tapes.

Its been a loong loong time since I met or contacted many of them. Hope this post starts a thread of communication!

There have been a lot more teachers teaching a lot at every walk of life.. I have just mentioned the Academia here :)

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Life 24*7 said...

I had never thot of this before, but it is so damn true, that with teachers the word ex just never sounds right !! Nice post !!