Wednesday, June 09, 2010


When I was in Hostel during my engg. days, I once dint talk to my parents for sometime just because they dint send a letter with my parcel ..

During my Onsite assignment in US, I normally talked to my parents every alternate day. Yet I always asked for a letter with any parcel they sent for me :) Just 2 personal words.. But written by someone..

Today I received a gift - a purse - from a close friend overseas and very unexpectedly. The first thing I checked was is there a letter with it ? I was so disappointed as there wasnt one ..

A letter is such an important thing.. I read today in one of the columns in a Marathi newspaper..trying to translate a part that I remember from my morning quick skim..

Letters have grown so old fashioned these days. Its easier and faster to get in touch with phone and email. But does it give the same happiness of refreshing your memory when you read an old yellowing letter than an email on milk-white screen ? Does an email give the personal touch felt by a letter ?

As I am writing I realize I have heard about the amazing power of a letter just few days back.

In the year 1996 (start thoda filmy hai but ok) I had written letters to all my first and second cousins from my paternal side, all those who we know in our family tree and sent a rakhi with it.. We had then brought together our 8 brothers and 6 sisters. Last month during my brother's marriage, my aunt- one of those 8's mom- mentioned the letter. She said it was that letter that brought them closer to the family.. She still has that letter about which I had forgotten till then. :) Today all of the brothers are in touch with me (touchwood !) though they may not be in touch with each other (sad part, but true).. The point is those letters and their impact !

Though all of above is true, have I stopped writing ? I can blog as it is typing but can I write on a piece of paper ? Can I write letters and then can receive more and get less disappointed ?

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well.. the answer seems to be no.. unless......