Monday, June 14, 2010

Rain Rain

It rained today.. heavily near my office, bit scantily near my home..

The newspaperwala where I buy my paper said to me on friday, "You people carry this umbrella hence it doesnt rain.. " So I dint carry it today.. And truly it rained ..

Been a long time since I enjoyed it .. in US Monsoon season doesnt exist. It rains every few days. Guess it does have a pattern, but surely not a season. Dont remember many incidents when we were caught unawares by rain, or dint get a chance for the superstition like mentioned above :P
When it rained, never got much drenched.. barring a few occassions.. After all, could not afford to fall sick. So seeing it raining today I was overwhelmed !!

Rain Rain, Come again.. If you dont like, I wont take an umbrella again !


N said...

you say that now.. wait till it fills up and starts flooding..

Himali said...

I am going to miss this too.
It rained a bit in Atlanta last week but it was just a drizzle.. :(

Guljinder Singh said...

Its the Old game between Monsoon and the Met department. Just ask the met to predict "No Rains Today" and see how hard it rains :)