Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mobile Camera

Some things amaze us and they are in our daily life.. The best way to pick it up for Memory storage is the Mobile Camera.. Here are some of my recent pic(k)s...

Nandi Bail
Dont have a english translation for this . In Maharashtra, they decorate a bull and get him out to places. He is supposed to have supernatural powers and can answer questions in Yes and No..
I was amazed to see this one just near my home while going to office.

Innovation at a roadside Bhajiwali

I liked this little battery providing light to the road-si
de vegetable seller.
If you can see carefully, there is a rechargeable battery down there and two sticks giving the light an elevation.
Mast white light me sabje dekho aur le lo !!

A Bad Jam.. Traffic Jam ..
In traffic jam. people get crazy and get into the wrong lane to try to get ahead of the stream, jamming it hard for the oncoming vehicles!

I am so afraid of this, that I am still learning to drive in India :(

And the Latest One all the way from Goa.. in Madgaon Market.

I tried reading it, but I failed to read it in first attempt. It needed some logical building to read a typical Indian Name "Venkatesh Acharekar" (I am still wondering its Acharekar, Azrekar or Ajdekar). The Portugese had a typical way of spelling and it shows in Goa where all Indian names have been spelled differently. There's one "Caxinata" which is equivalent to "Kashinath".
Dunno how they would have spelled my name.

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