Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chak de!

Have you ever heard a running commentary of any sport ? How the commentators put the picture up through their words..their excitement and sorrow .. the anxiety and the relief .. They try to do the 100% communication from the only channel of Voice !

It was the Men's Hockey Semi Finals in CWG. I accidentally had tuned into the sarkari FM station 107.1 which was giving out the commentary .. It was the time of Penalty shootout which was to resolve the tie-breaker score 3-3 of India and England. 5 Shootouts and as each player attempting at the shot and the goalies taking pressure at each minute, the commentators in Hindi and English were so animated that they brought the stadium in front of the eyes.. and when the team India won - the English commentator went crazy with happiness !!!

It has been a good season of sports at CWG.. though it had not started on the right note due to the hungry, insatiated politicians - the sportspeople have been brave and courageous enough to battle all the odds and excel at their sport ! There hasnt been enough facilities or money or expert coaching but these guys have been fabulous !!

Kudos to Team India ! how many gold, silver or bronze medals you get is not important, Its important that you have excelled and have been better than all of your prior achievements !! Wish you get all the recognition you deserve !!

CWG ends tomorrow, but there are the Asian Games coming up ! All the best !!

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