Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Slipping away

I am talking of friends.. dont we all encounter the slipping ?
School Friends, College Friends, Training friends, Location friends, Commute friends, Neighbourhood friends, Team friends, et al..
I am not talking of acquaintances.. I am talking about friends, whom we are pretty close with and share our lives with them .. and after a point of time the contact breaks.. for no specific reason.. how much ever you try to put things back.. it never comes together again ..

I wrote earlier about not being able to connect with friends after long time.. I guess its the same thing.. After a point of time, you stop being able to connect.. But it surely hurts when you see someone slipping away and having no rhyme or reason for it..

I read this post again .. I guess its soo very true..

1 comment:

Guljinder Singh said...

"Friends" never slip away. They just take the liberty of the Friendship :)