Saturday, October 09, 2010

Have we lost sensitivity ?

Random incidents .. dont know what to make out.. have we lost our sensitivity ?

An little incident on one of the mornings last week where a a father aged around 35-40 and his son aged around 8-10 were waiting for the son's school bus. The father did not seem happy with waiting part and seemed restless. The place where I saw this is a intersection of two roads and these guys were on middle of one of the two roads. An old man who was hard of hearing and had a hearing aid in his ear , probably was unable speak as well. He went to this father son duo, held the son with arm and took him to side of the road and actioned him to say "Stand here, there are vehicles on the road, take care" Mr. Father , unfazed, unaffected, did not give another thought to it. for a moment till the old man went away, the son stood at the side, Father didnt, and then the son was back in the middle of the road with his father !

First Class compartment in Mumbai Local, not a rush hour but all seats were full and a handful standing. A lady, working or collegian (twacha se umar ka pata nahi chalta) was being touched by the child on shoulder of a lady who looked a little lower middle class and probably got into a wrong compartment.. This suave lady tells the other "Hey please move to that side, please move a little" (NO, Its not a translated sentence). The other lady lost and just said "huh? ?" She wasnt able to understand English at all.. Our suave lady said the same thing in english again.. and got the same response.. Seeing the conversation not going towards communication, I translated for the sake of the lost lady.. and then she moved a little away :) No I did not get any thanks from anyone .. but thats not the point.. Dint the suave lady know hindi ? cant she have done it herself ? I still wonder ..

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N said...

did the "suave lady" have to tell her to move? it was a pretty empty compartment from i reckon....