Saturday, January 10, 2009

Moment of Test

In 2008, I saw two of my colleagues failing the test of time and integrity at work.

Both of them people of good and helping nature.. A lot crazy and selfish at times but equally helping to the person in trouble.. These two were the people who supported me in my initial phase in US.. First two to arrive on spot of my accident to console me..

It happened roughly this way.. Mr A , had access to the Production systems, goofed up something in one of the programs.. realized and fixed it on spot without letting anyone know. When questioned, lied that he did not fix.. When the lie was found , he was taken out of the Project .. and then probably asked to resign. He is in a different company now.

Mr B, had access to Production, resolved an issue, but took out some personal vengeance during the testing and printed out improper words on a Purchase Order at one of the Business Branches with someone else's user id. An absolutely ridiculous act which spoiled all his reputation built up as "Security Czar" and a denial which led him directly out of the company...

Both of them lost control of themselves at the moment of truth, helm of power and responsibility. But I guess the mettle of person is tested in such situations. You pass and you feel better about yourself .. or you fail and fail miserably, lose everything you gained.

Oh God, how much ever sufferings you give me dont let me fail in one of such moments in my life.. You may not give me a lot of success in my life but give me the strength and courage and right conscience to pass such testing situations.. !

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