Monday, January 12, 2009

Belated Birthday

Some days are like that..You dont want anyone to come to your place especially in large numbers.. Just the people you stay with.. and things happen rapidly against your wishes, surprising, making you happy and making you guilty for feeling like kicking all the people who had come to your place..

One such day was the last sunday.. I wanted to home all the day long.. woke up a little bit before noon.. then with my 2 roomies decided up a simple menu for lunch but the ingredient was at a different colleagues place, so asked him to get it.. He came with his roommate with the ingredient and for lunch .. I was soo frustrated at the presence of external people at home. On top of it, this guy is a absolute male chauvinist (I almost said p*g) so when another colleague dropped by for a while with his little girl, this MCP tells her "Dont play with the electronics and become an engineer, go for arts commerce and get into teaching" Well the eighteen-month-old little girl was too busy playing with a red mobile, so dint mind, but all of us three roomies blasted off on him.He actually has a girl of his own as well.. He had to retreat for the sake of it.. but it was just too frustrating for me..
As evening came in one by one some more people started dropping in .. all from our apartment complex and seemed to have just arrived by chance.. I was damn bored with already existing people and this addition was irritating me.
I was trying not to get into a conversation as I am absolutely bad at them in such mood.. And suddenly a Cake Appeared from No-where and everyone burst into a "Happy Birthday to you " I was puzzled, surprised, dazed and absolutely had nothing to say than a Smile and a thank you.. It was my birthday party as I wasnt in US on my birthday! So everyone had planned to drop by together for a little party with a delicious Choclate cake (the cream of which ended up as my Facial) ..
It cheered me up totally !! The party was followed by a Pizza party and lot of fun and timepass..
and a guilty conscience that I hated it when everyone was joining in..
I am sorry guys and Thank you very much for the Cake!!
I will be careful next time I get frustrated for no reason...
Note: this post started in January , but concluded in March..

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