Monday, January 19, 2009


Last night I found myself trying to comfort two older people.. who are richer in experience, higher up in position and older to me in age..
For the older of the two, I was at loss of words.. it was a situation that I knew he was in long before he told me.. But still, I did not expect him to come to me to tell..personally.. and I could not comfort or console him..

The other person, very close to me, was frustrated at work and so much that he wasnt listening.. But it was Gtalk and I chattered of continuously.. and if he takes atleast one thing out of it , he should be fine.. But I know, he will find his way out.. I was just an outlet and he wont take in a single thing.
*** But I think I could post that conversation which is full of tatvagyaan as a blog *** (hehehehe)

So when I had planned to sleep at 11 , I slept actually at 1 am.. and there is a long day ahead of me..

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