Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Can I write ?

Yes, I am blogging since a long time..around seven and a half years.. But still I wonder, can I write ? I shared my blog with my cousin's group on Whatsapp. Except for one or two, nobody bothered to respond :) Only on Sis-in-law mentioned its just what I think and feel. True, a blog is my online diary so my thoughts and feelings. But then is this called "Writing" in real sense ? I think not..

When I planned this break from my fulltime job, I had a lot of plans! Blogging a little more frequently so as to improve the writing practice, start a technical blog, try writing stories, learn something new like knitting, etc. etc. I have just started on one of the plans.. blog a little more frequently. Will slowly pick up on the rest :)

Writing short stories is next thing I want to try out. Checked out a few websites too on how to write a story. I am sure to do it in next few days.  Need some motivation and inspiration.

Because everyone of us can do anything and everything that we want to very strongly !!

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