Wednesday, August 06, 2014


All of us have these hangups.. If such and such thing happens, I can make some future plans.. If I dont get increment this year, I will start looking for a job.. If this happens, then I will start on that..

Do they really make sense ? Not always.. Obviously there are certain dependencies that need to fulfill before something can be done. But havent we seen completely independent things linked together in this hangup manner ?
Lets look at this one closely- as this is the most common one - "If I dont get increment /promotion this year, I will start looking for a job" So everything else is fine, like my boss is a wonderful person to work with, my work is absolutely interesting, only thing missing is a promotion or a satisfactory increment.. Really is it true ? I believe, if someone am happy with my work and boss, the new job search will not even touch your mind. Because if your boss is really good, you will be sure that you get the deserved promotion/increment. If the hangup is only on increment, I guess the job search will start only if you got the lowest increment in the team - again if your boss is good, he will take care of you. So it really depends on others increment ;)
If you are unhappy in your job, you look for another job. Period. An increment or promotion is not going to suddenly make you happy. 

I think, when we put in a If-then-else loop, we really don't want the else part..And most of us have these hangups for lot of activities, decisions and tasks.. I cleared one of mine yesterday to take a decision.. Do you analyse your thoughts this way ?

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