Friday, August 01, 2014

Mobile Memories..

As I am struggling with the fact that I do not have a handset on me right now..or should I say working handset .. I am just trying to remember my old handsets..

I bought my first Nokia 3310 from my first salary way back in 2004.. I think I used it for a long time and then handed it over to someone from my family.. Then I had a Reliance number and so a reliance phone as was the trend those days. Dont even remember what model it was ..
Then in US I remember getting  Nokia Flip phone--I was very fascinated with the flipping action then :) ..Then a Samsung Red one when I was supposed to get a plan and a phone with it.. Again dont remember the model but it was locked to the operator.. That was another nice one ..
iPhone - another dream model came into my reach in the last few months of my US stay.. I simply loved it and used to quite a lot extent -Maps, various apps to do multiple things and so on..Then on my return journey -when I had already researched how to Jailbreak and use it back home in Mumbai- iLost iPhone in transit.. It was a 2 mins before I realised I had dropped it andby the time I retraced my steps inside the airplane..I had lost it .. I was in shock for a week after that..
I think I went for a simple phone then ..Sony Ericsson if I am not wrong.. Something with minimal internet, some games, not too basic , not too advanced.. It took me a few years to warm up to smartphone and Androids and touchscreens again .. I got a Sony xperia mini pro..something with a Keyboard and palmsized .But before that I had a Nokia C6 I think..touch with keyboard.. Both were quite lovely phones and at a point of time I was carrying both of them on me.
Both the phones met their end in washrooms :) .. Nokia at Delhi Airport when a lady pushed it into Basin.. and Sony when I dropped it in Australia and the screen had cracks same as they show in cartoons when any glass breaks.. It still works.. but very dangerously for the fingers..
After all this I went for a budget phone ..Micromax Canvas 2 - was very happy with all the features and stuff and gave me no problems for a year and more .. and just a week back.. it just hung up on me..The Screen has frozen and doesnt respond to my touch !!

Now got a new one ..unfortunately it too has got stuck in few hours.. I feel I am running out of luck with phones.. Hope my new one gets fixed today at the showroom..

Well's like that.. Not that I cant live without the phone ..but its my constant companion.. I think I spent one day getting frustrated over phone and gave a hard time to my hubby over it too :) But since a few days I got used to it .. I am ok ..

Isn't it always like that .. we find someone ..get used to them-hate them- but want them around..and one day they just leave ..then we get angry, frustrated, sad .. and then get used to not having them .. Its a cycle ..cycle of change..cycle of Life.. Okay..I am talking philosophy now ...But yet .. What comes ..has to go ... Only thing we have with us is to enjoy the moment we have with the person, with the stuff and with our life too..

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