Sunday, August 03, 2014

What's cooking today ?

Cooking has been a love-hate relationship for me.. Some days I like to and some days I dont..

Earliest memories are from Sr. called UKG or just Kindergarten .. Oh I did not cook per say.. but had helped my aunt make tea for herself and her husband.. Its an incident they love to narrate .. My Aunt (Mom's eldest sister) and Uncle had come home for a visit and I was home alone locked in with the window open (those were days when we stayed in Chawl and the neighbours kept a watch on me). I recognised my Aunt and Uncle and asked them to get keys from neighbour to open the house and get in. The only hospitality I could do was bring water from them. Then -as they say- I asked my aunt to make tea for her :) got on to the Kitchen platform and gave the tea powder and Sugar dabbas , showed her where the milk was.. Eventhough being a guest, she made the tea for herself and her husband.. By the time they sat down to have their tea, Mom was home .. and she was I think embarrassed that the guests had to make tea for themselves.. My aunt and uncle still enjoy those memories..

Then it has been more of on and off helping out in everything.. Cooker setup, roti rolling, Dosa making (not the atta preparations), cleaning /cutting vegetables and any thing that came out of packets that needs following instructions like Maggi, Gits Gulabjamun etc. On days Mom was not well, my father takes over the kitchen, then the assistant is more constantly required :) It was only when I went to US had to cook completely but that experience of 3-4 months is different post ( I might have already posted) then again got great roommates who decided I dont have much of cooking skills - I always missed the proportions for salt masala by a mile - so delegated me to the roti making role for 2 years :) So now I have the capacity of making good rotis from any kind of atta -coarse, medium, fine- and upto 30 rotis at one sitting..
Then once a while I was allowed to experiment , but those days my roommates would go half stomach - as they couldnt eat what I made..

Over a period of time I have improved in the proportions.. Australia stay was a great cooking learning experience.. I went on to bake a cake, throw a pav bhaji party for 10-15 people, Misal pav party etc.

But when it came to post marriage, I am still stuck. I am still not good at the traditional konkani cooking. But coming to Malaysia has been a boon in disguise.. My husband doesnt expect me to do it completely traditional way. So I keep experimenting. So much that I am thinking of starting a recipe blog page. "Optimized resource based Recipes" ;)

Lets see how it goes ..

--Yaayy.. Day 3.. I can register for NaBloPoMo now ..

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